Monomer by Inplex


Monomer House 

The Monomer House is a joint project led by A D Lab to find a greater sustainable solution for building design and construction.


By making use of the monomer building system, it tests the possibility of light-weight, pre-fabricated, pre-finished modular assemblies that can be customized and erected rapidly into numerous various building types, sizes, and forms.


This easy assembly method of dry construction allows the building to be quickly erected in diverse conditions.



The Monomer House is a two-storey modular unit consisting of two prefabricated, prefinished Monomer PPVC modules. These modules are engineered and manufactured completely using light gauge steel.


The use of this steel technology presents many advantages. It is less labor-intensive, quicker to build, cost efficient and is much quieter to construct.


It took 11 days to fabricate in the factory and was transported, assembled, and erected on site in 4 days.



The first level consisted of a living room, kitchen (with built in appliances), deck and green wall. The second level had the bedroom (designed to incorporate a fold-out bed), bathroom and balcony with a vertical garden.


The overall goal of this project was to promote a more sustainable form of design and building for our cities. The Monomer House concept allowed for design adaptability and an incremental approach to development projects. This method showed that wastefulness through redundancy and over-supply can be lessened.

Monomer 2.0

Monomer reborn as Monomer 2.0! With the support of Smart Technologies Partners, the Monomer was transformed into a Smart Home for the 2019 edition of Singapore Night Festival.

Concrete Panel Installation Concept Render.png