Intermediate Terrace

6m Width  15m Length  90m2 Area

Efficient and Sustainable Design

This highly efficient design provides a bright and airy first storey which is well cross-ventilated and fully open from the front to the back of the house.

Internal Living Room .png

Maximize Height

The living areas enjoy maximum height and openness as the major building plumbing and services are neatly arranged to one side.


Spacious and Eco-Friendly

With the neat alignment of Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing Structure to one side of the house, this maximises floor space for the living areas and minimises waste.

This let us achieve a more eco-friendly environment.

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Internal Courtyard

The courtyard in the middle of the house provide internal views for the master bedrooms and ample free space for the living areas.

It doubles as an air well and brings in natural light as well as provide cross ventilation.

These are passive energy saving solutions that works with minimum maintenance.